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VS2GBKIT400C3 and MSI KT6-Delta


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Hello Ram-Guy


I bought a VS2GBKIT400C3 for my MSI KT6-Delta. I did my Bios-settings as following:


Configure SDRAM by timing User

SDRAM Frequency Auto

SDRAM CAS# Latency Auto

Row precharge time 3

RAS pulse width 8

RAS to CAS delay 3

write recovery cycle 2T

bank interleave 4 Way

SDRAM burst length 4 QW

SDRAM 1T command enabled

fast command fast

fast R-2-R turnaround enabled

DDR Voltage 2,6 V


The system is quite stable, but occasionally freezes. I suppose some of the settings are not optimal. memtest86 said that everything is well, so I don't think there is a problem with the memory.


Have you any suggestions ?


Best regards



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The Computer runs now with a memory-speed-rate of 333 MHz instead of 400 MHz. Now the freezes are definitively gone. Although the boards specs say, that 400 MHz is possible, I can't recommend this settings. Maybe this information is helpful for other users.
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