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Dell E1405 Laptop, Memtest/Orthos error with new 2x2GB Corsair 667MHz kit


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I bought two of these: http://shop2.outpost.com/product/5175606?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG


For my Dell Inspiron E1405. It uses a G965 chipset which supports up-to 4GB of RAM.


The memory "works", I mean I'm typing on the laptop NOW -- with the memory in it but I always run memtest on my machines with new memory.


It happens at random times. Last night memtest ran for 3.5 hours before it crashed and Orthos once ran for 1.5 hours before I manually stopped it...thinking it was stable.


Flashed to latest Dell BIOS but no avail. Laptop is completely stock except for Corsair RAM upgrade.


Core 2 1.83GHz

2x2GB Corsair DDR2-667


Int. Intel graphics




Please advise if memory incompatable with laptop or defective or possibily both. Confused!

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