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2 Noises coming from hx520


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Hey everyone, I'm not sure if something is wrong or if I'm just being picky, but I hear 2 noises from my 520. First, when I put my ear near the honeycomb grill I hear a high frequency static noise. It sounds similar to the background static noise when your speaker volume is turned all the way up but no music or sound is playing.


The second noise is a low frequency, reverberating, rocking/clicking that I'm pretty sure is coming from the fan. When I turn off all my fans it is very audible in a quiet room. It's not the hard drive because I keep it in a Sythe quiet drive enclosure. Both noises occur whether the computer is under load or idle.


Can these noises be fixed or is it suppose to be eminating noise like this? People say the 520 is quiet, but what kind of noises are you suppose to hear?


Thanks in advance.

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I have HX620, first one was returned as the plastic protection cover inside the PSU was loose and going for walkies including maybe touching fan.


I have to say, looking at this forum, corsair have a quality issue, one of reliaibilty of components and also build quality. China is cheap, but things made in tawian tend to be better made. Of course anything made in japan is top class, but expensive. Top quality components are used.

Its all about margins today, nice specs on paper, but for how long.



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Krishan, are you having any trouble with the replacement PSU?


Keep in mind that this is a support forum and people are generally only posting here when they have problems with a product, or they have questions before they buy a product. With any electronic device, units are going to fail, and I can assure you that there is a very low failure rate with our products, especially with our power supplies. Also, all of our power supplies have a 5 year warranty, so if you happen to receive a PSU that you are not happy with, we will be happy to replace it.

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