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TWIN2X2048-6400C4 x2 = 4Gb


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Thank you for your quick response Ramguy.


My motherboard is a ASUS P5K-E WiFI.


I am currently running all sticks at 4-4-4-12 T2, at 800Mhz with 2.1V however I am noticing some random memory glitches with some programs under load.


So I should reduce the speed back to 667Mhz? Relax the timings?

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The Voltage should be in Advanced Chipset Voltage control its hard to say what ASUS calls you might ask them to just look around in the Jumper free section or may be called Extreme Tweaker. And you can send me a email request along with your name address and phone number and what you are looking for if we have any we will send them to you.
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