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About reliability of Corsair devices


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I am a bit surprized at the number of return and defect requests that happen on this forum.


Considering that Corsair purchasers are not your usual Office Depot computer buyer, it is to be expected that the net would be the first place they congregate and start complaining if there is a problem, and this might increase the perception of problems.


My question is:


How Corsair flash drives compare to other brands in general ?



From reading this forum, you'd think these device fails constantly.


Never mind the 10 years warranty, what is the field-tested MTBF of the device? Is there one particular model/version that is significantly more reliable than others ? This is information that any non-fly-by-night manufacturer has made sure to figure out, especially when they have a long warranty program.

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You have to consider the volume we sell, and its more than 250,000 per month the last time I checked. And our return rate is less that 1/2 of one percent of what we sell for flash drives on average. And MTBF testing is not done in most of the computer industry as its not really valid with the warranty we offer. Sorry but i's just not practical to do this type of testing any more.
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In addition to the statement that Corsair ships 250,000 units a month is also the fact that counting complaints is meaningless.


There is nothing that would drive an otherwise similar population to commend the product though an indication of their feelings is that for some reason they just keep buying the thing.


I think Corsair is to be commended for allowing a public forum for complaints. They also seem to replace units with few to no questions asked.


MTBF is also an absurd metric for mass storage since it is so one dimensional in aspect. Usage patterns will affect all mass storage devices and the MTBF is only meaningful if you use the device the same way that MTBF was measured. This is actually unlikely.


Measuring speed is also similarly tricky. The size of the files, their position on the originating device, the performance and timing of the originating device, the setup on the host with caching etc., what is in the target device and how it is arranged or fragmented will all affect performance.


In my experience, the Corsair devices are really fast and quite reliable. If you look at the Amazon.com recommendations, you are going to see some pretty positive reviews.


Despite reliability, you are well advised to NEVER depend entirely on any mass storage device. If it's mission critical, always bring a backup.

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