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Abit IP35 Pro & Corsair 450VX No Boot


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I just installed everything for my computer today and it should be all correct. When I went to check it, it started doing the infamous 8.2, 8.3, 9.0, 9.8, 9.9 loop for the IP35 Pro Post. I stipped all the components I didn't need out until I was left with the CPUFan, board power, Vid Card and Ram and still nothing worked. I've cycled the CMOS numerous times (via switch, battery and jumper) times so I doubt that it is that. I have another PSU available to test it but it cannot support the 8800GT and I don't have a replacement PCI-e card to test with.


I took out the Processor and reseated that as well, also to no avail. I've tried each of my ram sticks in each slot of my mother board, but nothing has worked there either. Again, I can't really substitute other ram into my mobo as my last set of ram is DDR400. Finally, testing my previous computer with this PSU is similarly unreasonable as I've cannibalized quite a few parts for the new build.


I've yet to be able to get into BIOS at all or even get a video signal to my monitor via DVI from my 8800GT. Everything spins up fine. The lights that should come on also do. Immediately after this, everything shuts off and infinitely repeats the cycle.


The PSU also emits a strange, high pitched whining noise that is quite irritating. I've done the paper clip test and the PSU is able to silently power a 12v fan but when I went to hook it back up to my rig I had the whine back along with the same POST code sequence as before.


I've read many other posts about the issue of compatibility between these seasonic-based psus and ip35 boards but none of the things that have worked for them have so far worked for me. Any additional help you could provide would be excellent.


An additional issue. I've already removed and mailed away the barcode sticker from the front of my 450VX retail box for the mail-in rebate from Dell. Stupid, I know. Would this jeopardize the RMA process?



Intel C2D 6300 w/ Scythe Ninja 1100 Heatsink + Fan

Abit IP35 Pro

Galaxy 8800GT

Corsair 450VX

Patriot 2x2 GB DDR2 800 (But only tested one stick at a time)

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