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Alright can I run this memory on my system




it's registered ECC, i've read people that have, so am I able to run this without problems or should i just pass up the deal?





Pass it up. No Socket 939 system supports registered memory -- and if you do put registered memory on that motherboard, your system will likely refuse to even POST. Registered memory is designed is such a way that disabling the register will disable the entire stick of memory. That memory was designed specifically for the Socket 940 AMD Opteron, Athlon FX-51 and FX-53 processors (but could be used on any system which supports registered DDR400 memory). The Socket 939 systems like yours are designed exclusively for unbuffered (non-registered) memory.


To sum it all up:


Socket 939 platforms cannot use registered memory at all.

Socket 940 platforms require registered memory.


The TWINX2048-3200 (without the "RE") is the kit that you would use on your motherboard (Corsair no longer makes unbuffered ECC memory of any type).

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