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ECC memory to suit HP Proliant ML110


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I have a client with a HP Proliant ML110 who would like to upgrade the memory from the 1GB standard to at least 2GB.


HP advises it needs to be:

(for a 1GB module) DDR2 533/667 unbuffered ECC


I've purchased a couple of CM72DD1024R-667/V modules and tried installing them as a pair and then singly (simply replacing the existing module) and all to no avail - the computer refuses to come to start up.


Any advice as to the correct module to use and why this wouldn't work?

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If Registered and Buffered are the same that would explain the problem as it specifies Unbuffered.


So Corsair don't sell Unbuffered ECC DDR2?


That's correct. All of Corsair's unbuffered DDR2 modules are non-ECC, while all of Corsair's current ECC modules are registered.

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