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ASUS IPIBL-LA and Twin2X4096-6400C5 G


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The Corsair pdf info for this memory states that it is "Tested at JEDEC standard latency settings (5-5-5-18) at 1.8V".


I was able to pysically take a look at this product today and the memory module itself is labelled at 1.9V.


I recently went through a purchase and return cycle on a 2GB kit of this memory (TWIN2X2048-6400). I found it required 1.9 volts only after I'd purchased it and I'd like to avoid repeating the experience.


Can anyone tell me if this memory will work reliably on this motherboard (which does not allow for voltage changes)???


Would use of Twin2X4096-6400C5DHX modules make any difference?? They are also listed as being tested at 1.8V.



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Please look up your system on our memory configurator and use a module that was suggested. And this is a OEM System so that is what you would look up. And The only DDR800 module we make at 1.8 Volts would be Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX, but they may not work with that system as it will need to have 2" of clearance over the memory.
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