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How do Corsairs technicians deal with returns?

Medieval Nerd

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Hi all,

I've just went to return my Nautilus 500 at the store, (previous post) and the guy ask me to show him what was the problem. As I showed him that moving the nautilus from side to side caused a weird sound of loose plastic/metal to be heard, the piece of metal/plastic got stuck somewhere inside.


We both tried moving the terminal and the piece would not come loose. :( The guy said no problem they would return it to Corsair since he heard the noise and agreed that turning it on wouldn't be a good idea. But what i'm afraid of is since the once loose piece of metal/plastic is now stuck. Will the technician actually open the Nautilus? Even tough it won't make noise?


i'm so lucky with these things. Its like going to the garage with your car because it makes a strange noise. When you get to the garage, the noise stops... =O


Aniways, i'm only hoping that they will open and fix whatever. Because it would really suck if they would receive the terminal and perceive no damage and send it back.


I don't want to put a defective water cooling system in my pc :( It makes me nervous lol

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