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will not format


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I plugged the drive into my PC and it did install, it shows up as drive I but I cannot open it not brows it, it says it is not formatteds but won't let me format... it is lit up in the USB drive, I have several other ones that work... (non Corseair brand) I did everything the guy suggest on this forum already. Please help.


I share the same issue, never a problem with many other USB flash drives but loads of issues with Corsair ones, I cannot open up the brand new out of the package gifted to me USB flash drive, it is a 1 Gb and it doesn't matter which pc I use, it sees it but won't open it stating it needs to be formatted, the file system properties is RAW unformatted... I tried using FDISK, in dos 3,3, 5,1, Win 98 se with no sucess.


I cannot see any files nor can write to it, brand new out of the box, I am quite surprized that many othe rpeople also have had the same problem even with replacement falsh drives... now I have to pay for shipping it and it is so new.... but a christmas gift.... so sad.

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