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Advice on memory for ASUS P5N32-E


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Hi there,


Firstly... search as I might I could not find this question covered anywhere but apologies if it has already been raised.


I am looking for advice on buying Corsair memory.


I have the following setup (RAM and Graphics to be purchased), ASUS P5N32-E mobo, Q6600 CPU & Thermaltake 750W PSU.


I would like to know which of the numerous Corsair modules are compatible with my system and whats best value for money (Im not into OC yet).


I read an article that said with a 1066MHz FSB only memory near 533MHz range will be fully used (until QDR RAM is available). It also says that in some cases, faster RAM can lead to degraded performance because of the increased timings compared to modules operating at a lower frequency, which are able to use tighter timings!?


With all this in mind is it really worth splashing out for 800MHz RAM with this setup? Is it better to upgrade to QDR when this is available and save my pennies now?


Would the Corsair Value Select DDR2 667MHz Ram be compatible for me???


I am also unsure if 4GB is really necessary for gaming but this is probably what i would Aim for.


Would welcome your advice :D:



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