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So, my MOBO has stopped posting, I have already requested an RMA on the RAM, but was wondering:


My RAM - CMS1024-3200Pro has 1 orange light come on in the middle when I turn on, but then it goes off again.

The last code I get on my BIOS before it stops is 37, which is test DMA Channel 1.


Is it that my RAM has gone, or is it that my BIOS has corrupted some how?


I have tried reseting my BIOS (even leaving the battery out overnight) and it still stacks at the same point.


Is there anyway of confirming whether it is the BIOS or the RAM without replacing 1 or both? (No, I have no access to spare RAM or BIOS chips)

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I tried both sticks separately in Slot 3 & Slot 4 (slots 1 & 2 have a fan hanging over them :s) Whether single or as a pair it is always exactly the same.


I am guessing it is the BIOS - the machine was working fine, shut it down ad it wouldn't post 30 mins later.

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