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Since I have a similar question, I don't want to make a new thread.

Anyway, the conf is as follows:

- amd x2 3800+

- 2x512mb + 2x1gb ddr2 667mhz

- 8800gts

- 1 sata hd

- 2 optical ata drives


I want to buy the hx520w and i'm interested if it would work fine. I used some calculator and made the worst possible case scenario and got that 402w psu will suffice(that's with a condeser decay of 30%, and a constant load of 100% on all components). I just answered the question to myself writing this :) Anyway just wanted to know from someone at corsair or an experienced person, cause i don't want to buy something i won't be able to use (and it's not cheap where i'm buying it).

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The HX520 would provide more than enough power. Your rig will pull <300W from the psu under a worst case scenario load.


Elitekiller is right, you would still be fine even if you added another video card, although if you plan on doing this at some point, I would recommend the 620w for a bit more headroom.

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