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Are these compatible?


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I tried looking for the answer in the forums but couldn't find it. Hopefully you can help me out.


I put together a system which has been working fine about 2 years ago. My m/b is a giga-byte GA-K8NSNXP and I originally installed one CMX1024-3200 stick. Now this became scarce so on my last trip to the States I asked the salesman at Fry's for a compatible memory and he suggested the VS1GB400C3 on the 2X1GB set.


On my return home, I installed them together with the original and when I restarted it went fine, however, the next morning windows was all messed up (couldn't log in), it kept rebooting and giving me the blue screen. Finally after much reading I found out that the error it gave (stop: 0x0000008E) is usually RAM-related, so I removed the old stick leaving the two new ones, but to no avail. I popped the old one back in and took out the new ones and it is working fine.


Now, my question is, does this mean that the new sticks are not compatible with my m/b and/or the old stick? Or do you think either one is defective? How can I find out and what can I do about it?


Thanks in advance.

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It is not recommended to mix modules with different part numbers. Reset your BIOS, and use the CMX stick.


Thanks for your quick response. Let me see if I can get this straight: I should not use either one of the two sticks I just bought and keep using only the cmx? If the problem is mixing part numbers, wouldn't it be better if I took out the cmx and left the two VSG1GB400C3? That way I could at least have 2 GB of RAM.


Or do you think that these new sticks are not compatible with the m/b or defective?


Thanks again.

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