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VX450W emanating horrible whining noise when CPU is idle


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I've just built a new computer using all new parts, and since day 1 my computer has been making this terrible high-pitched whining noise. I don't even have to be close to the computer to hear it - just in the same room. I took the case off and put my ear really close to see where it was coming from. I know it's not the hard drive. The culprit could be either my DS3L mobo, my E4500 CPU, or my VX450 PSU. I've posted this issue on another forum and they've all said it's the PSU, but I just want double-check before I send it back.


The problem only happens when the CPU is idle. If I'm doing anything CPU-intensive, the noise goes away. When I'm in the BIOS it's also quiet. After doing a quick google search I found another thread on these same forums ( http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65245 ). The guy had the same PSU model as me, but what's interesting is that he bought it almost the same time I did, and at the same place, Dell. Perhaps Dell just got in a bad batch?

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Sounds like the inductor coil in the PSU isn't happy.


I had the same problem with an older Enermax 550W PSU. Under load it was quiet, but idle it would squeal. Click a mouse button and it would stop, move the mouse & it would start again. :!:


Miraculously after swapping it in and out of different PCs, the noise has stopped for good.


In your case, definitely get it RMA'd. If you can take it to the shop, take the whole system, not the PSU itself, otherwise the noise may not replicate if put into a different system spec.

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