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two partitions on the 16gb voyager


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i bought a 16gb voyager yesterday to replace my 4gb voyager(it breaks in two parts).

the 4gb was splitable in two partitions with the "corsair flash voyager utility", but the 16gb isn´t.


this is an absolutly kick off fact for me, cause i need 2 partitions. one fat and one ntsf.


is there any possibility to make two partitions also?!


best regards


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Yes you can use a DOS Boot Disk or CD and FDISK to create the partitions and format the root partition as DOS then you can make the second partition an extended DOS partition and use Win XP Disk Manager to format it.
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I have Voyager GT 16G and Windows 2000 pro.

I used w98 boot disk, fdisk'ed/formatted 2 partitions, the first bootable fat32 and the second extended logical fat32.

Just the first is seen in Windows 2000, also in Vista. Is it something i omitted, please help?

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