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Slow Voyager GT 4 Gb


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Greetings from Italy.

I have bought a new Corsair Flash pen 4 Gb Voyager GT version 1100.

I made several test on my pc (P4 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gb Ram) and on my notebook (Acer Travel Mate 800, Intel Centrino) and it seems it's slower then the declared values. Here the values from 3 different programs (and some screenshot taken from the tests run on my pc)

Flash Memory Toolkit:

Average Read Speed: 22.8 Mb/s (Notebook) 22.2 Mb/s (PC)

Average Write Speed: 22.1 Mb/s (Notebook) 19.9 Mb/s (PC)








Average Transfer Rate: 22.9 Mb/s (Notebook) 22.4 Mb/s (PC)







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While its s bit slow its still with in spec. But I would suggest testing with a 100MB File size and try and format the drive from a command Prompt.


How can I format it from a command prompt? I have already formatted the pen drive from Windows XP.


I have already tried to copy some big files on the pen drive: 100 Mb in 15 seconds (=6,87 Mb/s!!), 256 Mb in 20 seconds (12,8 Mb/s), 699 in 80 seconds (8,73 Mb/s!!) from the 2nd hd and 55 seconds from the 1st hd (12,07 Mb(s), 698 in 58 seconds (12 Mb/s) and so on...

so the pen drive is much much much slower then the tests I do above.

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