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2GB SIMM seems VERY tight in Intel iMac


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I was trying to update my iMac with some extra RAM and bought some a corsair stick that wasn't explicitly for Macs, since I'd read that it shouldn't matter.

I tried to install the VS2GSDS667D2 and it seemed extremely tight, as though it were not made for that small space.

Looking at the DIMM compared to the installed module, however, it seems almost identical visually. One piece that may just be my looking for a reason, is that it does seem slightly wider (not even a mm IMO).


according to the RAM guidelines corsair recommends VSA2GSDS667D2 (the only differing letter here is the 'A' in the third spot that stands for Apple as far as I know)-- of course there is no such found product in pricegrabber, it keeps returning the 1 GB SODIMM.


Has anyone else tried the non-Mac value select RAM in a Mac? How about an iMac? Is there a real difference between the Apple and non-apple versions? Aren't they supposed to be identical?


I know you have to seat the memory with a fair amount of force, but since the new module has trouble going in and getting out, I'm wary about breaking my machine. it's not worth 70$. I have gone through tech support, but it sounds like they're not reading the same information because they keep asking information that should be included with my case#.


I only have a few more days before I cannot return the DIMM any more unless it's faulty. That's what I'm really trying to figure out. Is this tightness specific to this module or all the non-mac modules this way? any help would be appreciated.



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