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twin2x2048 6400C4-memory timmings


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Hi i'm having issues getting trying to the the RAM to work on the 4-4-4-12 speed on the motherboard I've got (Gigabyte GA-P35C-S3) there are some advance timing control in the RAM setting which I can adjust but not sure if they are correct for the 4-4-4-12 timmings, as I can't get windows to load with these, but windows loads ok with the default 5-5-5-18 timmings, but just wondering if these other timmings can effect the 4-4-4-12 timming, your recommend settings for these would be grateful.

Act to Act Delay(tRRD),

Rank Write to read delay,

write to precharge delay,

refresh to act delay,

read to precharge delay,

static tread value,

static tread phase adjust.


Many Thanks.

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The advanced settings you listed should be left at the auto/default settings. You will need to set memory voltage tot 2.1 volts in order to run the memory at 4-4-4-12.


I have try that and left the settings on auto, but CPU-Z still reports the timming as 5-5-5-18, if I enter the 4-4-4-12 settings into the BIOS with the RAM Voltage increased by 0.3v Windows starts to boot but I can't get to the windows logon screen it just keeps rebooting itself. Any other ideas?? do I need to change anyother settings in the BIOS apart from the RAM and Volts?


Manythanks sorry new to doing this stuff.

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Hi, got the timming sorted out, now have 4-4-4-12 being reported. Basically the problem was caused by the BIOS setting, had the CIA2 enabled at sports mode, when I disabled it the system booted up with no issues, change the mode to cruise which increases the CPU freq by 5-7% when required and system booted ok, but when changed to the sports 7-9% CPU freq increase the system became unstable. So now have it on cruise mode option. Will do a stress test tomorrow to make sure the RAM can handle the extra 5-7% increase from the rated 400MHz as I've notice on CPU-Z when the CIA2 kicks in the CPU goes pass its rated clock speed so does the RAM showing 425MHz at it's peak at one point. Many thanks again for the help and advice!!
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