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Upgrading Dell XPS420 to 4GB


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I have a new Dell XPS420 and I want to replace the factory installed RAM with 4GB, specifically the TWIN2X4096-6400C5G kit.


That should work right? To be honest I haven't built a system since high school so I'm very much out of the loop when it comes to hardware. That particular memory doesn't require any special settings that a standard Dell motherboard couldn't handle, right?


I don't know who made the motherboard but it has the Intel X38 chipset and supports DDR2 RAM at 667 or 800MHz (up to 8GB).


I checked the compatibility site but the 420 isn't listed there.



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That memory will not be compatible. The VS series may be compatible, but I'd wait for Ram Guy to give you an official answer.


FYI, Dells aren't normally tweakable, even the XPS series, although there are rare exceptions. Dell loves to lock their stuff down. IIRC there is a Dell model that comes with Corsair memory, but it's proprietary and can only be bought through Dell.

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