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Padlock: drive disappears


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I have a following problem with Corsair Padlock 2Gb: during write operations the drive stops responding, and then becomes unavailable to the system altogether. The blue light stops blinking at that moment. The drive letter still shows in My Computer, but clicking on the icon leads to the message saying the drive is unavailable. Green light is on the whole time. The problem is resolved by reinserting the drive. The hang up seems to be unrelated to the PIN-code protection.


I had reproduced the problem on two different PCs, one under Vista-32bit and another under XP SP2.


Any ideas? We sort of have difficulties down here exchanging items for warranty without substantial proof of their (hardware) malfunctioning.




EDIT: additional symptoms - write speed dramatically slows down before the drive hangs, is just a few Kb/sec (like 3-5).

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