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Happy new year guys


I have this kind of trouble with my HX520, which i recently bought. I replaced my old PSU, cause it was noisy, for HX520, but it worked for cca 2 hours. Then it randomly shutted off. I pressed the power button to turn on computer but nothing happened. So I disconnected everything from the psu, pull it out of the case, connected one cooling fan and tried “paper clip” test with piece of wire. The PSU switched on and fun gone. Next i connected back everything, turned on the computer, but after a few minutes it shutted off again. So I tried a “paper clip” test again with one fan but for a longer time but after cca 30 sec it randomly shutted off. After a few attempts with the same results I returned the original power supply to the PC and it turned on fine.


Is this a compatibility issue or is it a bad component in PSU or dirty power?


Thank You.



mobo MSI K9NU-V NEO (24 pin, i think ATX 2.x compliant, without -5V)

CPU AMDX2-4400

ram 2GB

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