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Dominator PC2-8500 C5D probs?

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I am currently using Corsair CMX2X1024-8500C5D

Intel Quad Q6600

EVGA 680I SLI Deluxe 122-CK-NF68-A1 Bios version is P31 10/3/07 (Latest)


I have the following bios configuration

CPU Spread Spectrum Disabled,

PCIe Spread Spectrum Disabled,


FSB memory configurator:

SLI ready Memory is disabled,

FSB memory clock mode unlinked,

FSB (QDR) 1066, the current value 1066 and actual value is 1066.

Mem (DDR) 1066, current value is 800 and actual mem is 1066.7.


Memory Timming expert

TCL 5,


TRP 5,

TRAS 15,

Command per clock 2T,

Trrd 3,

TRC 28,

TWR 5,


TREF 7.8us


Voltage CPU CORE 1.35v

CPU FSB 1.3v

Memory 2.2v

Nforce SPP 1.45v

Nforce MCP Auto

Nforce SPP<-> MCP Auto


I am wondering as to why whne I boot the pc I see on the screen my memory clock speed still states 800mhz.

I even tried to use the link option and select ratio 1 to 1 and is still boots at 800 MHZ showing and not in 1066 MHz. I do have 11 of the same motherboards and 11 sets of corsair ram and they all give me the same result.


I like to correct this before trying to over clock anything.

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I have the same M/B and RAM and the only difference I see is my TRC is set at 22 instead of 28 but I doubt that would be the deal breaker.

Very odd indeed.

One thing you can try is set the SLI O/C to O/C expert instead of disable and set your Timings, that's how I have mine set and I'm showing 1066.7 on the CPU as well as the Mem FSB.

Hope this helps.

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I have the same parts, take a look here. https://home.comcast.net/~boogie3/Benchmarks.htm


WOW! Very impressive.

It's odd and I'm just a newb in O/C but my QX6800 clocks faster as the multiplier goes up. It's at the factory 2.93 at 11X and I have it up to 3.2 at 12X, this confuses me to say the least.

Maybe you could help me out in understanding CPU O/C because I just don't get it, LOL! :O)

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