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Survivor 8Gb non-GT performance : changed since the GT serie?


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I replaced my old mainstay, e.g. a 2Gb 66x (nominally 10Mb/s) SD card + pocket USB adapter.


with a brand spanking new Survivor 8Gb (non-GT).




From the benchmarks I have seen here and there of non-GT 8GB Survivors, I expected more something like 16Mb/s unencrypted write speed, though. The drive is about half as fast as the few benchmarks I could find. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe they were made with better chips. These reports usually pre-date the introduction of the GT serie.


Is my drive defective of did the specs change with time, after the introduction of the GT serie?


Don't take me wrong: it is an improvement over what I used previously. I don't slam the product, a fine product in itself, for most people. Except for a slight loss on the non-encrypted write speed, which I never use anyway because I keep everything in a TrueCrypt drive, this drive is a bit better than what I previously used. But, I have very serious second thought about not having purchased the GT version, as this speed is still *not* enough for my current needs.



Here are my benchmarks:


======== HDBench v3.4003, 100Mb tests ===========

---------------------------------- Read --- Write -- RndRead -- RndWrite

Corsair 8Gb unencrypted ----------- 17.52 -- 8.79 --- 15.64 ----- 1.63

above -vs- generic 66x SD 2Gb --- 171% --- 93% --- 163% ------ 62%


Corsair 8Gb encrypted (*)---------- 10.94 --- 4.78 ---- 10.81 ----- 1.32

above -vs- generic 66x SD 2Gb---- 193% --- 121% --- 131% ----- 106%


(*) using TrueCrypt 4.3a, Twofish single cypher, Whirpool hash


Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP 4

Processor: AMD Athlon XP, 1466 MHz (5.5 x 267) 1700+

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DIMM, Audio,

Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)

MB Chipset: nVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400

System Memory: 768 MB (DDR SDRAM)

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well, that sucks a little bit.


It would be *really* cool if you had published specs for the non-GT unit. Most other manufacturers do, even when they're 6Mb/s. I would never buy a non-spec'ed product. I was a bit stupid to be that trustful...


As I said, while your product is interesting, a good product, it does not meet my requirements. Having based my decision on 8Gb (same size as I bought, thus your above answer is irrelevant) non-GT Survivor (but albeit old) benchmarks (100Gb tests made on HDBench), I end up with a product that does not do what I need it to do, will have to purchase something else.


I'm seriously considering an 8Gb 133x SD card with built-in USB connector.


I wish high speed CompactFlash (40Mb/s) cards were made with USB connectors, that would be heaven !


[groan, grumble & sigh]

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