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Details about Flash Padlock


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What is the internal encryption method? Is there one?


If someone were to physically open the drive and access the chips directly, would they extract the data? If not, if the data is secured in the chips, how is this accomplished? What is the encryption scheme?


To be clear, I am comparing your product with Iron Key, http://www.ironkey.com IK lacks the on board keypad which is a very nice feature but it has put more thought into physical attack profiles by potting the product, and including an onboard crypto asic.


A product with all that and the pin code entry on board like yours would be the very best of all.

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Our Flash Pad lock does not use any encryption, but we will release a newer version with Hardware encryption in the controller next year. Our Pad Lock will only lock the device from being used until you enter the pass word, and yes some one could take it apart, but 90% of the time this would destroy the device and the data would not be accessible.
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