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Memtest errors with Dominator 2GB 1066


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I ran memtest on both sticks and received a few hundred errors + Allowing 16 passes. I then tried each individual stick, one appeared to be fine after 9 passes, and the other contained a few hundred errors.


I had a friend do the same process 2 weeks ago with the same type of ram >.<


Is there any more info you need for an RMA?


Edit: (Tested w/ proper timings and voltages, as it has always been set to)


Still a die hard Corsair fan :P (If only I got the good chip manufacturer, ha ha)


I am willing to pay a sum if I am able to get the ram back sooner, I head off to college Jan. 13th! I need it badly due to my computer crashing constantly X.x


Edit: Most likely this should be insured upon mailing, correct? I had a Flash Voyager get "lost" in the mail never to be seen again on its way for repairs X.x

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