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8500 C5D Overclock Limits?

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I'm in the process of clocking my system up and have yet to hit any walls except a little cpu voltage up which still leaves me under 1.3v. My ram is still at the board default of 1.9v and running strong. According to CPU-Z , I'm running at a bus speed of 338.9 MHz with a multiplier of 12 and a 1:1 divider which is giving me a fsb of 1355.5 and a core speed of 4066 MHz. I am using the newest Prime 95 and the newest Memtest - running both for a good 8-12 hours at the end of the day of clocking . I have been raising my bus speed by 5MHz every 2 hours and running these tests in between each raise. I have had no issues except a voltage adjustment of the cpu. Still no errors.

So , I've come to a question - how high can I go on these sticks. What should my expectations be? I have yet to break 38*C underload(cpu). I am using an Ultra Chilltec , and I have to say , It's been working great! This case also has great cooling attributes. Cooling is NOT an issue - yet.

Do I just keep going till I hit a wall? what kind of clocks are others getting? First post. Sorry so long!:roll:

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