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Maximus Extreme & Twin2x2048-8500C5D


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Are these compatible?

I'm RMA'ing my Abit QuadGT back that's using the Dominator right now,

and thought I'd get a start on my next build.


It would be great convenience ($$) to be able to get the board now

and use this memory for the time being.

My plan is to use this board for the big rig:

starting with the MaxExt & E6600, then upping to a quad

or waiting for the 45nm processors


The quadGT will replace the Asus A7N8X deluxe/Athlon XP2600+

in our basic rig.


I'm hoping to leapfrog the upgrades to be able to afford it,

yet get some serious performance pieces.


thanks, subDK

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Can never be easy, can it?

It is hard to keep up with when they change the naming conventions. The other current DDR3 boards from ASUS have a "3" in the part number. But, I'll admit, if I had not been dealing with the Maximus over the past couple of weeks I would not have known.


Good luck getting it sorted.

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