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Which mobo for twin2x2048-6400c4hdx


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I returned my m2n-sli deluxe.


right now i'm unsure what board to get.


AMD 64 X2 6000+

Corsair Twin2x2048-6400C4HDX




another thing is the PSU 550, 520 or 620?


if I get another vid card, will a 520hx be sufficient?

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If you dont need $$$ top end my Biostar Tforce550 has been great. Was around $60 board at newegg. Supports 4gb Dual channel (4 slots) pci-e 16x etc. No sli on this however, as I personally just get a faster single card. It does oclock pretty good. I have the same ram, just cas5 version in mine-works good, just set the timings manually.:):


PSU - if your going sli, definatly go biggest watts you can afford. More watts just means it can supply that much-it wont use more power (unless more power is being used by pc of course). In fact as you push a psu towards its max it waistes more power. So get plenty of watts. Even a single card down the raod may need 600watts-especially with 3ghz x2 or 2.4ghz x4 cpus.

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