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Matched pair ValueSelect 2 x 512 MB


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Part no: VS512MB400

Serial no: 783-0529123-0-083770 and 783-0529123-0-083771


Problem: These modules worked fine until I took them out to put in a new processor. All the RAM failures I've had in the past also didn't happen until I took them out and put them back in, so this is no surprise. Once they were back in, the machine kept BSOD'ing with STOP errors when Windows tried to load. I unplugged components one by one to isolate the problem, and it seemed to be fixed when I took out one of the two memory modules. However, applications crashed frequently, and the system was unstable in general. When I ran memtest86+ on the remaining module, it showed thousands of errors on Test #5. Replacing it with another stick of Corsair RAM fixed all of the problems.

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