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Asus P5GD2-X with CM2X1024-6400


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Hello Guys,


System Specs:


Power Supply: 465watts

CPU: P4 @ 3.00ghz

Motherboard: Asus P5GD2-X

Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 8600GT


I've been having a compatibility issue with the Asus P5GD2-X and the Corsair CM2X1024-6400.


Details of Problem:

*I install both 1gb memory modules and my computer refuses to boot.


Solutions that I have tried:

*I installed 1 memory module and it boots perfectly, so i figure there is something wrong with the other module. I replace the working module with the other one and it boots perfectly. So scratching my head I don't see why both of them cannot work together. I try using both modules together once again and it does not boot.


Time to go take a look in the bios. (2 modules). Bios recognizes 2048mb. I manually set the voltage to 1.9V from auto. The memory is running at ddr2 400 which is fine by me. I just want it to work at this moment. So i save the settings and restart my computer and for the 3rd time it doesn't boot.


The next thing i try is to reset the CMOS, by removing the battery as well as the jumper. I try restarting but now for the 4th time it doesn't boot.


I finally run both ram through a memory tester and both pass.


I'm all out of ideas so i replace my old ram and here I am now. If you are curious right now I am running 1gb O(Z's ram.


I'd appreciate any of your suggestions.



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had similar issue, but I didnt go as far as to test one stick at a time since I kinda knew what was wrong (in my case that is).


You could try starting up with ONE stick, use everest to read the spd on the ram (its one of eversest options) set the timings manually, not just the common 4 but all that everest reads. Its about 10 diff timings.


What happened to me, was bios misread the ram timings (SPD info) and when I lowered the divisor it just made it worse as the spd told the bios-ya I can run even tighter timings at that mhz! Wrong hahaha. Anyhow I would try and make sure all those are set right. Cause they have a huge impact on stablilty for me especially RFC.


I went from near instant bsod to going over 8 hours using Orthos ram stress test (0 errors 0 warnings).

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