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Difference DDR3-1600C7DHX G & DDR3-1600C7DHX


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What is the difference between TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX G and TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX Apart from the letter G, The addition of which costs an extra £120? :eek:


Im looking to buy a new Mobo & debating to go with DDR3 (Gigabyte P35T-DQ6) capability or staying at DDR2 (Gigabyte X38-DQ6).


My current Asus Striker Extreme, is driving me insane with it's infamous 'CPU INIT'. Swapping for one of MoBo's mentioned.


System will have C2Quad, ATi 2900XT, SAtAII H/Drives(4) SAtAII Burners (2)


Any & all suggestions or recommendations gladly accepted, Will be exchanging on 2nd Jan,


Thanks all for your time

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I have been licking my current RAM for about an hour a day:eeeeek: , I'm doomed to lead poisoning.. oh why wasn't there a "Do Not Lick" warning on my Corsair RAM... I feel a class action coming on.


PS TY for info, don't suppose anybody knows what is benefit of being lead free?

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ya I think it will be standard in most all pc parts soon. My mobo is lead free, I think the new amd cpus are green too (dunno what all is done to the cpu to make safer) I have heard the old methods of cpu fab do make some nasty waiste to deal with. Less toxins in productions = less harmfull by products = better for enviroment. I wouldnt pay a premium for it-but I think its great corsair and some other co's like biostar are taking steps to help. Every little bit adds up.


Why cost more now? I heard the solder costs more for one. Second some things require changes in how they are made. Ram being a compact small (kinda crowded) multi layered pcb it prob does add a bit to production costs.

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