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Unsatisfied with Dominator line


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Edit: It seems even the retailers are unsatisfied with these recent Dominators as can be noted in this thread:



I am currently on my 4th set of Dominator memory in less than 4 months. Just wanted to post my results with various sticks here so people can see what's going on.


TWIN2X2048-6400C4D 2.10v ver1.3

CL3 operation is a bust

CL4 hit 1040MHz with 2x80mm cooling fan

CL5 hit 1080MHz with 2.3vdimm

Conclusion: Must be the worst D9s in the world if they barely do 1066.


TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 2.20v ver1.1

Dead on Arrival from Corsair RMA dept.

no-POST in AMD system

Intel system POSTs but won't boot Windows even at DDR2533 speeds

Conclusion: Should be obvious...


TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 2.20v ver2.1

first test in ASUS M2N-E with max vdimm of 1.95 - unstable even at DDR2800 5-5-5-18-22-2T 1.95v

CL4 900MHz is unstable

CL5 1066MHz stable

CL5 1068MHz unstable

Conclusion: Not even 2MHz of headroom on a module designed for OCing sporting a ridiculous cooler. Also Quimonda IC failed to operate at low voltage like Corsair reps suggests it will on multiple forums.


And I have another set of 8500C5D on RMA to replace the dead ones. We'll see how they do but at this point I'm not optimistic.


For reference, the results from the kit from a competitor known for using Micron ICs I am using now:


CL3 800MHz is stable

CL4 1066MHz stable

CL5 1200MHz stable 2.4vdimm



Micron D9 is only DDR2 IC worth considering for high performance memory. There seems to be this rumor going around about how Micron D9 IC is no longer available...funny that this memory I just purchased from a competing brand includes them. The current lack of overclocking ability and high failure rate of the Dominator modules has me feeling very jaded at the moment. You can see from the history above that I have given the Dominators a chance. But now they are collecting dust in a shoebox because they got pwnt by sticks from a competitor that are actually cheaper and look better in my case as well with the Black heatspreaders, blue LED foot-lighting and chasing red and green LEDs on the heatspreader (maybe you can guess which competitor now?). What a joke. Anyways I can heartily recommend the BL2KIT12864AL1065 from Corsair's competitor instead of the P.O.S. Dominators.

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Some of what you have posted does not really make sense and the only way to really know would be to test multiple sets in different MB's. That being said, I would have to agree Micron IC's do over clock the best and if we could get them we would use them and we do in the small quantities that we get. But Micron D9 is no more so this is really a mute point. However, I am sure as MB's makers test modules made with these newer IC's they will refine the BIOS and get more performance from said systems with non Micron IC's.
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