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Installed 4 sticks of of 1gig memory but my computer is only recognizing only 2.5gigs


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I just installed 4 sticks of Corsair memory, 2 twin2X2048-6400C5DHX. I went to the control panel and it says that my computer has only 2.5 gigabytes of memory instead of 4gigs. I made a boot disk that tested the memory, but nothing wrong was found. In bios, my computer says that I have 4 gigs of memory? What's the deal? Shouldnt the control panel say that I have 4gigs of memory instead of 2.5?


I have windows xp professional service pack 1. I am wondering if this may be the problem, where I should just upgrade. Also, what am I supposed to be looking for besides errors in the tests when testing my memory?


Can one pair of the memory that I have be dead?


Any advice would be Great.



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