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I 've got a problem with two 2x1024MB DDR2 Kits. I bought the first Kit two Months ago, and want to upgrade my System with another 2x1024MB DDR2 Kit now. So I bought the same Kit in the same Shop.

When the total 4GB are installed, BIOS shows them correctly, Vista too (3,5..GB), but the System shut down after a few minutes with a BlueScreen saying "Memory Management".

Both Kits work without problems when I only use one of them.

Is there any possibility to fix this problem?


The First Kit is 2x CM2X1024-6400 XMS6405v5.1

The second Kit 2x CM2X1024-6400 1.90V ver7.3


Edit: I added a picture. It shows one DIMM of every Kit.


My System:

AMD Athlon64 FX-62 2x2,8GHz

Gigabyte M61P-S3 (Award Bios)

Western Digital 320GB SATA2

2 GB Corsair DDR2-6400

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

Windows Vista Business 32Bit



Best Regards




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today i went to the shop again, bought another Corsair Kit of 2x1024MB DDR2-6400. I made sure that they were version 7.3 as the Kit I bought two days ago. I still get BSOD's after a few minutes. The Vista "RAM" Update KB929777 is installed too. I checked all four DIMMS seperately AND together with memtest latest version, no Errors found. I tested the Kits seperately with Crysis, Winamp, TS, ICQ, AntiVir etc, no Problems. I Only get BSOD's if I use all four DIMMS at the same time. I already changed the DRAM Voltage to +0.05, didnt solve it.


My MoBo is a GigaByte M61P-S3 (rev.1), Award BIOS Version F4. Bought two Months ago. Could a BIOS-Update fix the problem?

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no I didnt drop the speed to DDR667 again, but i'll try this.


there are two updated versions available "F5" and "F6". Should I first update to F5 and then to F6, or doesnt it matter?


Edit: tried DDR667, BSOD after a few minutes...

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my system is running with the BIOS Update AND 4GB for over an hour without any BSOD's or something.

the RAM Speed and Voltage are set to standard/auto. I played crysis multiplayer for ca. 30 minutes with winamp, icq, antivir etc in background.


finally, the RAMs seem to work right :):

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