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Problem with CM2X1024-8500C5D


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Hi Guys,


New to the forum so hope you can help confirm my fears. I received a pair of these modules at the beginning of the week and built them into a new system.


Initially everything seemed fine but i started to get problems with the pc hanging, long boot times, cold boot delays so i ran memtest to check everything was as it should be and it failed instantly. I checked the bios settings, voltage etc was as it should be and tried loosening the timings and raising the voltage to 2.2v as specified for 1066 even though i was only running at 800.


It got to the stage where i could not boot into windows without getting a BSOD so i pulled the module furthest from the CPU and everything worked a treat, no failures in memtest either. So i swapped the modules over and again i could not boot without the dreaded BSOD, needless to say i quickly swapped back and here i am working away happily on a stable system.


I'm fairly certain now that one of the sticks is dud but from what i'm seeing on these boards i seem not to be alone with these particular modules.




I'm not even going to get started on the 1066 vista issue when i think how much cheaper i could have bought a pair of 800 sticks for. :mad:

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