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Opinion of Memtest Results

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Hi there,


I would just like on opinion on my conclusion of memtest results. I run 2 CMX512-3200C2 Pro modules on my system, and performed memtest after experiencing various issues, such as memory address cannot be read errors.


Anyway, checked all bios settings, ran test and instantly came up with a lot of errors from test 3 onwards. Decided though, that i would try each module seperately. One i can run for extended periods with no errors at all, the other gives instant errors from test 3 on.


Although i have no other pc to test the memory on, im assuming that, as the memory is paired and should have similar operating characteristics, tested in the same slot (and other slots to check) on the same board, a fault exists with this module, and the other is ok.


Having said that, i am uncertain as to exactly how definitive these results actually are, having not the best understanding of the actual function of the system, even after having watched the excellent video on the subject! :D:


Anyway, your advice, comments and even any further related information would be most appreciated.


many thanks,



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If you have tested with the memory voltage at 2.7X volts then I would recommend that we replace the set for you. Please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them. If you tested with the memory voltage at default, I would recommend setting the memory voltage manually and retesting the faulty module to be sure!
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