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HX520W w/ P5E MB


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Newb question here...


Planning my first build and currently do not have hardware, but from reading on both the ASUS P5E MB and the Corsair HX520W I've got the following quesiton.


The Corsair HX520W comes with both a 4-pin and 8-pin connector. The ASUS P5E MB it seems can take both a 4-pin or 8-pin EATX12V power plug. I've read that the 8-pin EPS connector is used for server applications. Does this mean I would want to hook up the 4-pin connector from the HX520W or would the 8-pin connector be better since the ASUS P5E has this connection capability?


I'm sure this is a pretty simple answer but as I'm new to PC building any input would be greatly appreciated!



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The 8-pin connector supplies more power to the board and allows for more voltage and stability to higher end components such as quad core CPU's, multiple video cards, etc. If you have an 8-pin ATX connector, I would recommend using the 8-pin connector provided on the HX520.
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