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ASUS P5N32-E SLi (Striker Extreme)- Ideal Settings to run stock E6750 with ~1.8V RAM


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I have given up on my Ballistix D9s......

BTW Crew-shul support sucks. :veryangry


I am impressed with this forum setup. My only suggestion would be to include a "settings" forum like Ohh Cee Zee has with screenshots of BIOS settings with various memory kits and boards.


I am on my 3rd p5n32-e SLi. I run stock and don't OC. I just want to run stable stock 1333FSB with 800 speed ram. This board is basically the Striker Extreme with a LCD poster/LEDs. As most probably know, it has a sticker over the words Striker Extreme.


It is clear that the 680i memory controller does not like high volts that the CL4 seems to need. :confused:


ASUS recommended that I get some 1.8v RAM and your CL5s are close at 1.9v. I picked up the CM2X1024-6400 XMS2 today (XMS640Xv5.2)


ASUS also discouraged using a 1333FSB CPU on their board! Well sorry, ASUS, that is what I have! I WISH I had a P35 based board. I don't use RAID or SLi.


BTW I am using the 1205 bios. There is a 1305 beta out, but was weary at this point.


Anyways.... any help appreciated for additional tweaked settings than listed in the stickies. They list a different example motherboard in the stickies for my RAM. :eek:

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So far so good, 11 passes in Memtest and 12 hours of Everest.

I just saw I was running 5-5-5-12 2T 1.9v though in slots A1 B1, I guess I will change it to 1T and see!


I should see a slight improvement going 1T, correct?


You think this holds water?


I found my system being having different memory overclocking capability when dimms are installed under slot A1+B1 or slot A2+B2 combination. Is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal for this motherboard, as the two memory channel were designed based on two completely different implementations to ensure overclocking capability for different usage models:

Memory slot A1 and B1 have been specifically optimized for overclocking with memory capable of running 1T command.

Memory slot A2 and B2 have been specifically optimized for overclocking with memory capable of running 2T command.


Please install RAM modules onto DIMM slot A1 and B1 if wish to overclock using 1T command capable memory modules, or use A2 and B2 if otherwise, to ensure best overclocking result.

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So does bigbuck08 need to set down his crack pipe, or is this ram supposed to run at 1T? {hehe j/k man, thanks for posting!}


I got immediate red fails in memtest on 1T!


The datasheet says: http://www.corsair.com/_datasheets/TWIN2X2048-6400.pdf


 Tested at 5-5-5-12-2T latency settings at 1.9V

 SPD programmed at 5-5-5-12-2T values



Please confirm!

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FWIW, command rate is a chipset parameter, not specifically a RAM parameter. And, it does improve benchmarks at 1T but, I have NEVER seen any improvement in real world applications. Some VERY memory intensive apps will improve with 1T but in my testing it was about 1%<> at most.
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