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Problem with HX-520


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Hi I believe that I am having a problem with the Corsair HX-520 and the Gigabyte-GA-P35-DS4. This is a brand new system, so I have gone through all of the proper troubleshooting techniques to narrow down the list of culprits. I even tried the test with the shunting of the paper clip trying to see if the PSU was OK or not. I decided to order a new PSU, this time from another manufacturer; I also bought one of those portable LCD PSU testers. Now, here is the odd thing; the HX-520 tested fine with that device, and it was even able to power up a case fan, off og the tester port (in addition to its own). I thought for sure I had a bad motherboard but I decided to try the other new PSU that I received today; it started the machine right up without issue.


I just wanted to verify that this indeed sounds like a bad PSU before I RMA it to Newegg for replacement? If the tester had not have shown that the HX-520 tested good, I would not be second guessing myself; but since it also would not power up the system (ie no fans, no motherboard lights, etc) I am led to conclude it is definitely a bad PSU.




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There are 2 possibilities. One is that the PSU is tripping the "Over Current Protection" or "Over Voltage Protection" due to an out of spec signal from the motherboard. The second possibility is that there may be a bad component in the PSU.


Before having the PSU replaced, if possible, you may want to test it in a known working system. If it gives you the same issues, we would definitely want to have it replaced, however if there are no problems in another system, you may want to RMA the board.

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