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Very slow read/write speeds on Flash Voyager 1GB (CMFUSB2.0-1GB)


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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what might be causing this problem.


Some time ago, i purchased a Flash Voyager 1GB (CMFUSB2.0-1GB) and a Flash Voyager 2GB (CMFUSB2.0-2GB). Because they look identical, and don't have clear markings about which is which, i would often use them without paying attention to which one i was using.


I noticed that they often seemed very slow. Much slower than i expected, and so slow that attempting to run Firefox Portable was virtually impossible. For i while i just put up with it, but i finally got so annoyed that i decided to investigate the problem more closely.


So last night i decided to test them using a 500MB .avi file. For comparison, i also tested a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2.0GB. The following are the read and write times for the 500MB file:


Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2.0GB

Read: 30 seconds (16.6 MB/sec)

Write: 69 seconds (7.2 MB/sec)


Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB (CMFUSB2.0-2GB)

Read: 26 seconds (19 MB/sec)

Write: 34 seconds (14.7 MB/sec)


Corsair Flash Voyager 1GB (CMFUSB2.0-1GB)

Read: 63 seconds (7.9 MB/sec)

Write: 242 seconds (2.1 MB/sec)


As you can see, the Sandisk is pretty good, the Corsair 2GB is very good (right in line with its stated specifications), and the Corsair 1GB is absolutely awful.


Before, due to using the two Corsairs interchangeably and not paying attention to which one i was using, i assumed they were both slow. I was also worried that there might be something up with my computer's USB controllers.


But the 2GB works fine; it's only the 1GB that is slow. My test seems to confirm that USB keys will work fine on my computer, and that the Corsair 1GB is MUCH slower than it should be.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the problem here? Is there anything one can do to get the speed up to where it should be?

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Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.
Thankyou for your reply.


I just have one question: in the RMA Request Form you sent me to, my product does not seem to be listed in the drop-down menu under "Corsair Part Number." Can you give me any advice about what to select in that menu, as it appears to be a required field?



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I just received my replacement Flash Voyager and it works great. Thanks very much.


I've been very impressed with Corsair service, and when i upgraded the RAM in my desktop this week, i had no hesitation in buying Corsair memory.

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