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Flash Voyager GT too fragile


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I don't know if I'll get a replacement through your RMA, but I bought this product a little over a year ago and really did believe that it was a quality product for the time I had it.




In this thread you can even see me defending it against someone who said it was extremely fragile in comparison to other flash drives. Perhaps I was extremely lucky as it's apparent reputation for breaking has finally caught up to me when the USB connector to the drive literally just fell off exactly like the poster's picture in the above thread. The most that happened was having it slightly leaned against a pillow. Either way, it was very disappointing as I ended up losing some files that I won't be able to replace since I kept my writings on there.


I've already sent in an RMA request, and I suppose I hope to at least get replacement. I would suggest you make these units more durable in the future though.


Edit: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/267

Evidently the fragility of the unit was much more renown than I thought.

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I'm pretty sure my 16GB Flash Voyager has this problem as well. It hasn't broken off completely as in that article, but it feels very flimsy in that joint.


The problem I'm having is that the drive is unrecognized. The blue light does not come on at all. I've tried 4 different computers and have tried various combinations of rebooting with it already inserted, cold booting with it inserted, using the extender cable, different USB ports, etc.


Once last week after removing and reinserting the drive 10-15 times, it finally came on. Unfortunately (like an idiot) I did not copy my data off at that time, as I thought I could reproduce the behavior. Since then I have not been able to get it to come back on.


I imagine if I slice this thing open and solder a cable on (to retrieve my data) I can forget about doing an RMA, huh?

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