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Christmas Issue

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Hey well for the last couple of days I've been having some troubles with my computer, it seems when whenever i goto play Team Fortress 2 or Counter Striker Source, my system simple freezes to death and I have to force Restart. This issue is new to me and i have no clue whats going on, cause if I don't play any games the cpu doesn't freezes or anything its just with the games, so i checked if my vid card (8800 gtx oc2---BFG) was getting the proper power or something just by checking if the 6 pin power connectors where right in place (nothing fancy) and they indeed were all goto go, so now i thought it was a driver issue or something so i went and gte the latest nvidia drivers. and again the same issue, my cpu is a quad core q 6600 (not oced running at 35 C) and i got 4gb Ram Corsair Dominator 8500 on a Asus Striker Extreme Mobo, so i don't know what is causing the problem and if anyone could help it will be greatly appreciated...


P.S sometimes i get the game to run for around 5-20 mins With Fps getting as high as 140 so i guess its not the vid card or well i really dont know thx

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