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Xmas Pressie - wrong memory

Phil K

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Got 2x1gb of Corsair memory twin2x2048 - 6400c4

Tried to install, was clear it wasnt going to fit, and to push would damage, so took out a stick of what was already in, and the teeth or whatever they're called were clearly different.

Did a check on mine, and came up with:-

PC3200 (200mhz)

Part No. 64D128320HU5C


Is there any way at all I can exchange them for the right ones ?

I have posted an "e-note" on ebuyers support.

Would it be possible to exchange with Corsair ?

They have a saying in my part of the world "Shy bairns get nowt":D:;):

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Not listed.

It is in the listings of a certain other memory makers, shall we say...

The nearest to my motherboard is an Asus A8N-E - my actual motherboard is made by Asus for Fujitsu-Siemens for their (my) Scaleo H and is numbered A8NE-FM


It was my daughter ordering for my Xmas present, she didnt really know.;):

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