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CMXAF1 Fans Tick + Buzz


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Merry Christmas to everyone @ Corsair. Sorry to bother you guys over the holidays but I have a few questions.


I recently purchased the Corsair's CMXAF1 Fans to go along with my 2GB sticks of Corsair Dominator RAM (TWIN2X2048-8500C5D) from NewEgg.


The fans arrived yesterday and I decided to install them this morning.


Upon installation I noticed that the package came missing a washer. At first I thought I had lost it (e.g. it had dropped on the floor) but after looking for quite some time I concluded that it had not come with the package. It may be possible that this set of fans was used before, as I can see "imprints" over the slot where the thumb screws go, or perhaps NewEgg decided to test them to make sure they worked before they were sent to me and in the process lost the washer (I kind of doubt that, but it's possible).


The missing washer wasn't such a "big deal" but after turning on my system I noticed that there was this very loud and quick ticking sound inside my case, almost like a buzzing (it is so fast). At first I thought it were one of my case fans being obstructed, but when I removed the case fans I released it was being caused by the CMXAF1 Fans. I narrowed it down to the third of the 40mm fans closest to the bottom of the device (where the wire for the fan connector comes out) but I haven't a faintest clue what is making it "tick" or what the blades are hitting.


I attached the CMXAF1 fans to a Fan Mate 2 controller to see if by slowing them down I could find out what it was. It slowed the fans down, but the ticking did not stop, it simply slowed down. I could still not see what was causing it.


I did, however, notice that if I hold the CMXAF1 fans horizontally, they do not tick/buzz. However if I hold them at any other angle (vertically, on their side, at an angle, etc.) they do.


My question is:


1. Is this how they are meant to be? I read some user reviews saying that they buzzed but just a few. And if other reviewers had/have this problem why would they have rated it 5 stars (which the majority of ratings are). So, surely, this is not how they were intended to be... right?


2. Is there any solution to this problem that someone may have found on these forums or elsewhere?


3. Is it worth going through an RMA for new ones that may or may not work? I could do this with NewEgg but I really don't want to spend my time and money shipping them back to (most likely) their headquarters in California (I live in New Jersey) and then waiting 2 weeks for new ones. (Added to the fact that shipping the fans would be a fourth of the price of buying new ones...) Or should I do the RMA directly through Corsair? And how would I go about in doing that? Or, perhaps, is it possible to skip the RMA process altogether?


So, please, help me out.


Once again, Merry Christmas and thanks in advance.



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