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4Gigs of Twin2x2048-6400c4dhx & Striker Extreme


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I built a new system with the following specs:


  • Asus Striker Extreme (already has latest bios 1305)
  • Two Sets of TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX
  • XFX GeForce 8600 GT
  • ThermalTake 750W PSU


I hook it all up and I get the dreaded "CPU INIT" message on the POST LCD on the mobo. I look around the forums pull a couple of tricks like clearing CMOS and booting with only one stick in the 4th slot. After all is said and done, I managed to get it to POST with two sticks of the RAM with the following settings:


  • FSB: 800Mhz (unlinked, CPU is 1300Mhz)
  • Voltage: 2.1v
  • tCL/tRCD/tRP: 4
  • tRAS: 12
  • CMD: 2T
  • tRC: 24
  • tRFC: 42


So I think everything is set so I put in the second set and I get the "CPU INIT" again. I pull them out it boots. It seems like I have a good set, and a bad set. I put in the supposedly bad set in all by itself and it does not boot.


So is it a bad set of RAM I got, or am I missing something :confused:

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