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Memtest Failure


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After using corsair ram successfully for about 2 years. It seems both my ram pieces has gone bad all of a sudden. My other ram module is XXXXXXXXX 512mb. They have been working together beautifully until now. XXXXXXXXX fails the test at around 410% and corsair at around 26% by themselves. And recently when I put both of them back in again, the computer will not even boot up. So I am working with the XXXXXXXXX alone at the moment since it fails at a higher percentage.


However, back to the main issue. My computer was operating smoothly till about a week ago, when it would have some type of freeze-lag issues. However, that problem soon escalated into the monitor becoming sketchy and then the most recent thing to occur was that the computer would just restart by itself.


Does Corsair have a lifetime warranty? parts replacement? Am I covered, and if I am what are the instructions for redeeming the warranty? And why would both ram modules fail at the same time?


Just to let you know, I ran memtest at the start of my laptop with both ram modules and left it running overnight with no errors.

Also I ordered from Newegg.com and just a trivial tidbit is that the sticker for the ram is gone. However it clearly states

Valueram on the black parts.



Edit: The other ram module has now been reported stable and functioning properly unexpectedly past 800%. However, stick the corsair one back in and it doesn't even turn on anymore. By itself...same thing.

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