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my old 620W and my new right (evga mobo/videocard) - a large problem


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i just built my new computer, turned it on, and nothing happened. i got an evga 8800gt ssc, core2 6750, evga 680i lt sli mobo, 500gig harddrive, 620watt corsair psu, 2 gigs of corsair ram (double checked and they are compatible w/ my mobo, etc.


when i turn on my psu a blue led on the mobo lights up and stays lit (and oddly enough, so does my red hdd led on my case). when i push the power button it turns on. all the fans work, it sounds exactly like a working computer whirring to life (except this mobo doesn't post as i can't find a place to plug in my case speaker to the mobo), and the green and orange mobo led's above the blue one light up and stay lit. i'm fairly certain that my sata is working as well. my dvd player is dead as is my ide hd (both on the same 4pim molex cable) and i can't get a signal to my new 22in. widescreen lcd (or another monitor i tried in it's place).


i've tried reseting the cmos, i've reseated my 8800gt several times, tried every permutation with the modular psu and different cables. it's just not clicking. it sounds exactly like a computer should booting up (minus any beeps), every fan is working (even the one on my video card...which won't give my monitor a signal), all my lights are working, everything is alive...it's just not coming together. i posted in the evga forums and they said there were known issues w/ the 620w corsair...which is odd. my previous system was an amd 3500, a 6800gt, a gig of ram, and a few hd's and it was perfect. i fail to see how switching it to a system that doesn't require much more power renders it useless.


what are your thoughts on my problem?

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If the PSU was working in a different system, then there is a possibility that there is an issue with your motherboard. First I would recommend booting the system with each memory module individually to see if anything changes. And if you can test the video card on a different system to make sure there is not an issue with the video card. If the system will not post with either memory module individually, and the video card is working on a different system, then there may be a problem with your motherboard, and I would suggest getting it replaced.
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