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DOA Corsair V450w - help needed


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i just bought a corsair vx450w yesterday and hooked it up to my HTPC rig (Biostar TA690G AM2 mobo with AMD X2 4200+ cpu). fired it up, see the fans spinning for a brief second, and then no power :(


just to be sure my mobo is not shorted (it was working fine with my previous psu until i removed the old psu and replaced with the vx450), i removed my mobo from the casing and fired it up in an open setup with just rams and gfx card plugged in. no go :(


i have another corsair hx620 which is working fine in my gaming rig (gigabyte p965-ds3 with intel c2d E6400). so i tested the vx450 with my intel rig, and same thing happened. fans spinning for a brief second, and no power.


last resort, i tried shorting the psu with a paperclip and a small load of 2 x 120mm fans. the psu fan and 120mm fans spin briefly and then no go again.


so is it safe to say i got a dud and only way to go is RMA it??

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